Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Large interior mural project

To shake up my creative juices I took on the project of painting 35 feet or so of mural in our main living area.  I loved the green the prior owner's used and wanted to take advantage of such a joyous color.  The size of the mural demanded a little care in as much as 35 feet by 8 feet of action could easily take over the room and make it an uncomfortable place to be in.

I chose to stay inside the current green's palette and stepped up 3 shades in the Valspar color gallery.  But I'm not a fan of Valspar paints, so I took the paint chip samples to Home Depot and put those colors into the Behr Ultra Premium product, which is my favorite brand for painting murals.  Why didn't I use the Behr color gallery?  I find it a bit "muddy" and lacking in pop value.

That being said, the Behr product covers alot of square feet, so stick with the quart size,  I have 2 gallons of greens I'll be using for my upstairs bathroom, thanks to that lesson.  ha!

I photographed the walls and then worked out the layout in photoshop to get a good balance of movement and space.  Again, as you see in the photos, we have larger windows and a walk through double door sized opening AND a kitchen pass through PLUS a door to a 3rd bathroom.  When approaching a mural of any size it's important to work with the space, not fight it into submission.  If size or doors/windows/openings make your idea "break" in layout.  Stop.  You can't force a great mural around a lousy space.  But you can fix a lousy space with planned mural specific to that function.

But I digress.

Another consideration to the room is/was the fact that our birds live in this room.  And anyone that owns a parrot knows the slightest things can scare them, or completely upset them.  Putting stark, wild or aggressive patterns wasn't going to work.

So my checklist was as follows:

Large space=balanced layout
multiple openings=functional layout
companion parrots=respect their space
current green=embrace mono

Visit THIS online color designer and play around.  I use this for my sculptures, web design and murals.

Butters Approved!

It was good to switch up on my creative outlet.  I'm back in the studio with clay and will be showcasing the latest in 2012 pieces for the GenePool Series soon.

The new year brought about challenges I had not expected and changes I had not planned for, but I am embracing life to the fullest because Life is what happens when you're busy making plans!
Happy New Year!