Monday, November 28, 2011

Gifts Galore Holizaar Four this weekend!

Gifts Galore Holizaar Four

This Saturday from 11am to 4pm. come to St Petersburg to meet me and see GenePool up close and personal.
The show is right on the Santa Parade route, so come one down for a REAL holiday weekend treat.

I'll be joined by an eclectic group of other awesome local artists offering our wares and sharing the Holiday Spirit.  Art is joyful and pure and fun.  Which is an excellent replacement for all that other garbage I listed in the beginning.

There's an ATM across the street for shopper's convenience.  I will only be accepting cash this year.
Parking is available nearby streetside and there are numerous parking decks within walking distance.  The Parade starts at 10am at Central and 5th!

See you there!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

2011 RibFest at Vinoy Park, St Petersburg FL

Just a few cellphone shots of our day on Saturday.    BBQ ribs, Beer, deep fried...everything sweet!  OMG

I did not eat ribs.  I drank my beer and ate a pretzel and had BBQ Shrimps and Corn Bread.  OMG that cornbread was supreme!!!

Sadly it was sponsored by Miller Beer, so there wasn't any beer there I really liked.  I subsisted on Killian's Red, while being mocked by a Yuengling Brewery truck parked nearby.  They were there to deliver to the Vinoy.  damn.

But the food was great and the band, Connor Christian, at 2pm was fabulous!  What a great show!

The weather was sunny, breezzzzy and 78 which in FL sun is actually around 85.  SO perfect.

We sat by the Bay, and drank Killian's and enjoyed the views and sounds and good friends.  GREAT DAY!!  If you missed it this year, do not make that mistake next year.  Put the RibFest on your todo list.  No question about it.

I only regret not taking more phone pics.


On our way out we met this guy in front of the Vinoy, he was fighting to keep
jazz alive! So we tossed some green in his guitar case and took a picture to
immortalize him here!

Seriously, you should come to St Pete and just stay in the area to enjoy downtown.
Beaches, museums, festivals, fishing, kayaking...I have no idea why you are not here!

Mrs. Lovett's Halloween Report 2011

Daylight Savings Time can play havoc with a girl.  Particularly when she's ready to hand out some sweets and bring joy and goosebumps to the little ones!  But, the spirit was strong this year and we had roughly 100 seekers of the sweets visit Mr and Mrs Lovett's house!
Alas, Mr Lovett fell ill, and their son was preoccupied with family and friends in the northern realms of Pinellas County.
Mrs Lovett was left to her own devices (and she does have a myriad of those!) to entertain, treat and otherwise raise a bit of volume on 14th St.

Here we have the final welcoming decor after Mr and Mrs spent a few hours beefing up the creep!  This year's event took the tone of SPIDERS and sticky webs and all things degraded...mood lighting was orange glows from the ground pointing up to cast the ever threatening moving shadows.  Fog machines provided entrance and entrance cover through the front door, and a cauldron full of sweets requiring the long walk past webs and trees and waiting spiders brought the kiddies to their rewards.

Why YES~!  I did buy a new hat for the occasion!

Why YES, I do think it makes me look...

...dreadfully sophisticated!

Poor thing.  She just looks dreadfully dead.

Halloween was a gravely successful evening! So many victi...I mean people...visited us from last year and they were so kind to bring their friends this year!  We had no treats left over and many screaming fans after.

I just love Halloween to death.