Friday, September 9, 2011

Polymer Clay and armature tutorial followup

The finished piece from my polymer clay tutorial
Butters! is available online

My Muse:

In the end the goal was to express her absolute silliness.  When she's really silly and playful and on the floor chasing her jingle balls around she's just a giant swirling mass of feathers.  Hilarious feathers.  Until we brought Butters home and raised her to fledgling I had NO idea how silly and childlike Blue and Gold Macaws really are.  She's just a little toddler who must get into everything, and who absolutely has no idea how big she really is, she flies through the kitchen pass through window like a champ.  I can't wait to build her Flight Aviary out back and get another one.  HA!

Anyway, back to the art of Polymer. I relied heavily on the Sculpey pasta machine to rollout different thickness slices for cutting and trimming.  I felt it imperative to create feathers one by one and layer them just as they are on her.  To a point.  It is reflective but no realistic.  I used black hemp twine to create her black cheek feathers rather than paint.  Those little feathers are very expressive and convey alot of body language information.  They needed to be 3D in nature and textural to the eye.

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