Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gifts Galore Holizaar Four

Okay, the news is getting irritating, politics is pornographic, and the economy is ugly.  I now proclaim September the new December and the Holidays to be 3 months long!  *POOF*
Mark your calendars and plan to come to St Petersburg to meet me and see GenePool up close and personal.
I'll be joined by an eclectic group of other awesome local artists offering our wares and sharing the Holiday Spirit.  Art is joyful and pure and fun.  Which is an excellent replacement for all that other garbage I listed in the beginning.

Visit CraftHeroes for more information.

I'll have my Etsy store listing all the art available at the Holizaar as well so, if you can't get down here for the Season, just log on and shop!  All purchases will come with a FREE GenePool Holiday Spirit.  Which is a surprise piece and so I'm not going to post a photo.  Hohoho!

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