Sunday, September 4, 2011

GenePool polymer clay sculptures meet needle felted inlays for 2112

It's time for a new direction for the new year!

I am now utilizing as an added texture value to GenePool Series art.

Tortal is my first example.  I just found needle felting and order all kinds of hand dyed wool roving, bating and silk handkerchief fibers to ramp the fun that is SmallThingsClay.  Tortal is sold, but I am currently planning and working on many new additions.

Texture and simple color theory is the name of the game for 2012.  The Mayans may call the year the end, but I say it's just the beginning.  I am also offering a new avenue of acquiring, collecting and displaying your GenePool Collection.

CreateToTaste is a new online shop option.  Love Tortal, but the colors aren't working for you? Email me, and I create a Tortal just for you in the colors you love.  I can bump up the size or make it smaller for your needs. Every Tortal will be different and feature your requested changes. AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!  There will be a 2 week turn around and you can pay for it online  As always FREE SHIPPING within the continental US and Canada.   Free gift wrapping for the asking and I can ship to your gift receiver's address.

Christmas should be fun, and easy.  And at smallthingsclay it's artful as well.

We've just introduced hand crafted hardwood Ambrosia Maple and Padaouk woods display stands to hold your storycard safely in an attractive and safe manner for all to see.

And here's another sold GenePool for 2012.

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