Monday, August 15, 2011

GenePool Update

A little update to finding and purchasing GenePool and ISpy pieces.

Waterfront Galleries in Tarpon Springs has closed their store at the Sponge Docks as of Aug. 15th 2011.

You can still find my work at my SmallThingsClay Store
You can contact me here directly for purchase and of course through my website.

Thank you all the great feedback and business thus far, I do appreciate everyone's thoughts and support.

Interestingly as I've investigated the idea of staying inside the Brick and Mortor business model it's become clear that not only is it financially troubling at best, but lordy does a person spend alot of time in a truck running around.
I've decided (after a few discussions via email and phone with clients and friends) that a single gallery or even two is an absolute drain on time and energies.  Cut out the middle man and deliver and communicate directly says I!

So not only will GenePool 2012 have new textures and colors but SmallThingsClay will be upgrading as well with Facebook, a better website, ecommerce and online video tutorials at the SmallThingsClay UTube channel in addition to the current online locations.
I'll do my very best to stay in touch with information and new collections as well creating those little things.

Life is what happens when you're busy making plans. 

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