Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashioning a wire skeleton

In the following animated gif (one of these days I'll get the cameras setup and studio fit for a bit of youtube tutorials, one of these days. lolz) I offer up a bit of insite as to how I walk through wiring.

I've worked out a non conventional organic way of creating the infrastructure to my pieces.  I use jewelry wire of all gauges from heavy to light starting at the heavy for the "spine" and up to the thin for finer detailed body parts.  In the end my goal is to have 100% of the creature accounted for with some wire of sorts.   In the end I've found what I'm really doing is sketching in wire.  As always I then apply layering of aluminum foil for volume and shape, again sketching and finding the essence of the piece.  I used to draw sketches of my work before beginning, but I found I never really ended up anywhere near the drawn idea, so I work it all out structurally.

Another nice element is with a finer detailed and wired skeleton I can literally pose my creature in it's first clay application stages.  A little twist, tug or bend of the underlying wires and I've completely changed it without the nightmare of removing or adding alot of polymer clay.  It's very reminiscent of working in 3D software and then applying the texture maps.  I've brought alot of habits from the 3D software world into my real 3D sculpting.
I'll be adding frames to this particular animated .gif as I add clay and build up Butters.  I'll finally add a photo to this thread of the final piece painted and ready for the store.

If the animation isn't running, just click on the graphic.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Where are they now?

Carpe Diem was a mother's day gift for Lynn, who was kind enough to send a photo.
Carpe looks quite content near like minded pottery.

GenePool Update

A little update to finding and purchasing GenePool and ISpy pieces.

Waterfront Galleries in Tarpon Springs has closed their store at the Sponge Docks as of Aug. 15th 2011.

You can still find my work at my SmallThingsClay Store
You can contact me here directly for purchase and of course through my website.

Thank you all the great feedback and business thus far, I do appreciate everyone's thoughts and support.

Interestingly as I've investigated the idea of staying inside the Brick and Mortor business model it's become clear that not only is it financially troubling at best, but lordy does a person spend alot of time in a truck running around.
I've decided (after a few discussions via email and phone with clients and friends) that a single gallery or even two is an absolute drain on time and energies.  Cut out the middle man and deliver and communicate directly says I!

So not only will GenePool 2012 have new textures and colors but SmallThingsClay will be upgrading as well with Facebook, a better website, ecommerce and online video tutorials at the SmallThingsClay UTube channel in addition to the current online locations.
I'll do my very best to stay in touch with information and new collections as well creating those little things.

Life is what happens when you're busy making plans. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So much to do, so little time.

Branding, key wording, indexing, building, adding, creating, tagging, writing, uploading, photographing, Photoshopping, pricing, marketing, SEO planning, analytics, statistics, emailing, calling, packaging, shipping and sometimes even working in clay.
I finished my website
I finished my store
I finished some new pieces and am creating even more!