Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Macaws, lizards and fish oh my.

As with all things small, sometimes they can grow pretty big!
I am lucky enough to have met two wonderful people from Illinois. They were in Florida shopping and vacationing and found my art. Which led to a phone conversation. Which led to realizing we were from the same hometown in IL.  So basically, they traveled from IL to Kentucky to FL while I was traveling from IL to FL waiting on them to show up!  (or something like that).  And to make the world even SMALLER on this...we know each others familys and even some family members.  It's slightly amazing and even more wonderful. The world is a very small thing indeed.
I was also lucky enough to co-create a few GenePool pieces specific for my new/old friends!

Meet RoLynn and Mandarin. Soon to be on there way Northwards.

Some exciting news on GenePool.  The Waterfront Gallery is moving to Dunedin FL next month! Which I'm very excited about as it is a meca for local artists and art lovers.  Awesome exposure and I am looking forward to having an Art Show there soon.  Very excited about this move and how TWG has so graciously guided my success.

On the note of Macaws.  Butters our 11 week old B&G was DNAd female last week.

Around that time she decided to celebrate her female powers and start flying!  If you've never had a Macaw fly onto your shoulder, i can only say it is pretty startling!  I'm used to Indian Ring Neck Parakeets and Cockatiels, but a 2 pound 24 inch bird is a WHOLE other matter!  Whooosh! 

Butters is still weaning 2 feedings a day, but devouring fresh vegetables and pellets as well.  Basically an eating machine.  Almonds are her favorite of all things.  We are harness training her very successfully.
We've decided also to build an outdoor flight aviary in our backyard.  And to make it match the fence we finished this year.

If you live in Pinellas County I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Avian And Animal Veterinary
And by HIGHLY I mean without hesitation and loudly proclaiming on a rooftop.  Dr Zellner and her crew are the TOPS in my book and we are taking all our critters to AAA now.