Monday, February 7, 2011

I love Halloween

So it's February, and time to start working on Halloween. Seriously, it's just enough time to prep and create new props and gags.  I should have started in January, but with SmallThings doing so well at the gallery I didn't have time.   I was looking at the photos of Halloween 2010 and realized that creativity bleeds everywhere in my small world.  I can't stop doing it no matter what the circumstances.

We are building a new cedar fence in the backyard and I've already taken over a hundred photos, and we've only got half the posts in and 2 panels up.

But I digress.

Halloween is the only holiday we do.  I'm not interested in the rest simply because I'm not interested in the rest. Halloween lets me create costumes, props, scripts, photographs, sound design, lighting design and general mayhem for the kids of the neighborhood (and adults).

2010 was a mega success, we lost count of the visitors but at one time we had an audience of kids and adults that blocked the street in front of our house.  You see we don't wait for the door to ring, we create a stage in the front yard and "act" skits and scripted moments all night long.  Last year I was Mrs. Lovett and my husband was Mr Lovett (from Sweeney Todd the Butcher of Baker Street - the movie, not the broadway show).  I spent 3 months on the costuming and props.  What a blast.

And so for 2011, we are going to amp the costuming further, create a bigger presence in the front yard and have a sound and lighting design far more layered and delicious!

Why the blog post on all this? Because I was looking through the 200 or so photos I took of the Halloween fun and thought it was just a fun alternative the the commercial scripted valentine stuff going on.  If I had my way, I'd do Halloween every 4 months!

Our son Christopher showed up as one of the Vault 101 guys!  He joined in the shananigans.

Seriously, Halloween is my all time favorite only recognized holiday.
Of course, that means others can express themselves as well. Unfortunately.
Happy Halloween!

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