Monday, February 14, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Hopeful Daruma Dolls and SmallThingsClay collections are available online!

I finally setup my store

Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have the site up and running.  Hopefully. BUT in the meantime I have my new collection of Darumas and Small Furniture ready for purchase.

Each Daruma is hand made and one of a kind. Your Daruma Doll is as unique as you! Each Daruma Doll includes professional tagging that explains the history of Daruma Dollas. I created these Happy Hopeful Daruma's for collecting and giving. They are meant to be an inspiring reminder of what your life is and what your life is becoming. Nana Korobi Yaoki!


A talisman of good luck in Japan, Daruma Dolls are sold at temple festivals and in the New Year. Daruma Dolls depict Bodhidharma seated in meditation. A new Daruma Doll has 2 large white circles for the eyes to be painted in. The blank eyes represent Bodhidharma's spiritual vision. During the New Year, many Japanese buy a Daruma doll, make a resolution for the new year, and then paint in the left eye.

A winking Daruma Doll is a gentle Bodhidharma reminder; Nana Korobi Yaoki (if you fall down seven times, get up eight). Upon attaining their resolution, the Daruma Doll owner will paint in the right eye, representing the completed task and full resolution.

Purchase my Happy Hopeful Daruma with a purpose or task in mind and draw in the left eye. Place your Daruma in a place of auspicious reflection to remind yourself you are on journey. Everyday walk in joyous expectation, and soon you too, will be painting in the right eye!

It is customary in Japan to take your fully sighted Daruma Doll to the temple and burn it as a thankful gift offering in a big central bonfire.

These Daruma Dolls are meant to sit happily on your desk or shelf, reminding you just how wonderful and strong you are! Look at all your Daruma Dolls and remember, you can do anything!
Nana Korobi Yaoki!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I love Halloween

So it's February, and time to start working on Halloween. Seriously, it's just enough time to prep and create new props and gags.  I should have started in January, but with SmallThings doing so well at the gallery I didn't have time.   I was looking at the photos of Halloween 2010 and realized that creativity bleeds everywhere in my small world.  I can't stop doing it no matter what the circumstances.

We are building a new cedar fence in the backyard and I've already taken over a hundred photos, and we've only got half the posts in and 2 panels up.

But I digress.

Halloween is the only holiday we do.  I'm not interested in the rest simply because I'm not interested in the rest. Halloween lets me create costumes, props, scripts, photographs, sound design, lighting design and general mayhem for the kids of the neighborhood (and adults).

2010 was a mega success, we lost count of the visitors but at one time we had an audience of kids and adults that blocked the street in front of our house.  You see we don't wait for the door to ring, we create a stage in the front yard and "act" skits and scripted moments all night long.  Last year I was Mrs. Lovett and my husband was Mr Lovett (from Sweeney Todd the Butcher of Baker Street - the movie, not the broadway show).  I spent 3 months on the costuming and props.  What a blast.

And so for 2011, we are going to amp the costuming further, create a bigger presence in the front yard and have a sound and lighting design far more layered and delicious!

Why the blog post on all this? Because I was looking through the 200 or so photos I took of the Halloween fun and thought it was just a fun alternative the the commercial scripted valentine stuff going on.  If I had my way, I'd do Halloween every 4 months!

Our son Christopher showed up as one of the Vault 101 guys!  He joined in the shananigans.

Seriously, Halloween is my all time favorite only recognized holiday.
Of course, that means others can express themselves as well. Unfortunately.
Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I see the blizzard of 2011, but I hear Spring coming.

My mom sent me a phone pic of the snow in her backyard this morning.  Mom and dad live a few hours  south of Chicago.

She says the snow is about 3 feet deep with drifts up to 6 feet.  Reminds me of 1967 when I was 4 years old.  That blizzard made walking down the sidewalk an absolute adventure!  Dad had shoveled the snow in front of our house and mom took me out to walk along the tall edges.  It was like Dad was Moses and he parted the red was white snow, and his name's not Moses.

But, I digress.

So much of my art is based on my childhood memories and joys that the Blizzard of 2011 seems appropriate for the STC Blog.  This photo tugged at my heart strings. I remember that view from a 4 year old's height.  It was magical. It was childhood in snow. Which made it just right.

As my parents relax through  the 2011 blizzard (they are both retired and loving the idea they don't have to go anywhere during the mayhem), I'm sitting in 70 degree weather.  Today has a 30 percent chance of rain, but I don't see a hint of it on Doplar Radar. I'm wearing shorts.

I actually have the air conditioning on to keep the humidity out of the house. I'm creating and listening to all the birds through the closed windows. There's a point in the Spring when the birds take a different tone in their song.  And that's when Spring starts progressing to show itself.

I have friends arguing we still have cold snaps to deal with, and maybe so, but the birds tell me it's not for long. They sound sincerely ready to get nesting.  The song birds are letting me know we aren't long for our Florida winter.  The Muscovy Ducks from the lake by our house nested behind a bush near our home.  They say it's spring.  The racoon that raided the nest and ate all the eggs had another message.

But again, I digress.

As a Floridian mom's photo should have sent grateful chills down my spine that we moved to St Pete.
But as a child of the 1967 Blizzard I'm a bit jealous.  I'd love to sit outside near the tallest drift and maybe just for a second, be 4 years old again.

To those in the thick of it, be safe, be patient and know the snow becomes the water that feeds the flowers in the spring.  I'm a tad jealous today of all your white.