Friday, January 7, 2011

WTF the toad

Wow. Really. Just wow.  What is it with amphibians anyway? What is their fundamental problem?
Toad specifically built this mud spot for specifically his use. Kinda obvious as it's his butt-shape
in the mud, not that frog's.  And what was up with that amphibian being back in the grass-mud anyway.
They can't handle the mud.  They want grass and water and all that amphibian stuff. But seriously.

"What am I supposed to do with this now? Just look at my mudspot. My buttshape filled to the brim
with slimy, sticky, PINK frog eggs!" WHAT is wrong with frogs!?!?" WTF hop-stepped full circle taking
in the spectacle in front of him. Hundreds of pink frog eggs deposited in his mudspot.  It looked like
cotton candy, but not nice cotton candy.  It looked like pink sticky frog egg cotton candy.

He protested with a hoarse croak and hopped deeper into the grass-mud.

"WOW! Really, just wow! What is wrong with amphibians?! WOW!!  The last word parting from sight. 
The last part of toad, a large, warty, wet toadbutt disappeared between the tall blades of mudgrass.

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