Sunday, January 16, 2011

Turner found a Blue Crab...or a few parts of a blue crab...

We took the boys Turner (our tough-guy silky terrier) and Bruiser (our easy-going-big-cuddle-bear Golden Retriever and Chow mix) to the beach near Wheedon Island in St Pete, for fun.
Turner found the remains of a blue crab floating in the surf.  After he had his fun I brought home the claw and the crab's back shell

And like Dr Frankenstein I put him back together again.  I recreated his legs and body with clay and paper mache. 

I found a beautiful cherry wood chest at an antique store and completely retreated it to look aged and wet.  I was going for a found object from Davy Jones' locker.  The project took 6 weeks, and it pleases me to no end.  Davy Jones' Locker is available here

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