Sunday, January 16, 2011

Muddy a mudskipper fish

Muddy sat idle in the wet, wet mud.  Mudskippers do that you know, sit idle.

Mudskippers sit idle because they aren't swimming.  Now if you saw Muddy in the water depths, well that is another matter!  He out swims his family, his friends and his neighbors.  Quite the swimmer, that Muddy.

But for now, Muddy sat idle in the wet, wet mud.  He listened, he waited and he idled.  There were his friends to the left and right. The mud bank was full of mudskippers this time of day. The winds were right, the sun was
low and the heat dissipated over the mud.  Ideal time for mud fleas to show up.  And mudskippers loved mud fleas.  So by association it was time to idle on the mud bank and wait for the descending fleas.

It was best to idle with one's mouth wide open as fleas jumped wildly and blindly in huge cloudy masses.  A mudskipper didn't even have to move at dinner time.

A mudskipper just needed to swallow fast.

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  1. Nice!! i also found a cartoon using mudskipper as their characters, let me share with you