Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dart the frog

Dart was a leaf sitter. One of the best leaf sitters around in his opinion. He could sit on any leaf on any tree without worry or trepidation. He wore his colors bright and clear.
'Don't bother this dart or I'll leave a bad taste in your mouth!'
It was with this lack of fear Dart became the best leaf sitter in the Bog. But being the best leaf sitter does not mean you are the best dinner catcher. Alas, his enemies saw his colors bright and clear, and so did many a favored meal.
Kaydidits, and beetlebrooms rarely flew overhead. They could see him from far away. Caterpills, dragonflits, butterwhips and buzzybees all were aware of his presence. It didn't matter if he stayed under the leaf lip, hanging from suckytoes, or if he sat on top as a splendid leaf sitter. They all knew he was there waiting for dinner.
Dart swallowed with satisfaction. They all knew he was there waiting for dinner except bog flies.
Bog Flies are colorblind.

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