Thursday, January 13, 2011


"Steady as I go," caterslug thought to himself.  Steady, steady, steady.  Caterslugs weren't the slowest creature.  Once, he'd tried traveling with a centeslug.  Surprisingly enough, 100 legs did not assist the centeslug with
quick travels.  He was tripping over his own feet more than moving forward. After a few days of that, Caterslug bid farewell and turned down a different path.

Caterslug traveled at night, in the grasses and leaves and veggie bits on the forest floor.  Good hiding from the birds and lizards and bugabits that would gladly make a meal of him.  It seems caterslugs were the perfect
mouthful for quite a number of forest neighbors.

"Steady, steady as I go," not so fast to miss a threat, not so slow to be passed by a centeslug.

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