Thursday, January 13, 2011

Carpe Diem the fish

Oh, it was a bit too early for all this hubbub!  Carpe woke from the comfort of her anemone bed.  Pink fingers unfurled as she looked over the scene of tuna fish crisscrossing in chaos above her.

"Oh, it is way too early for all this hubbub!!  Tuna! Tuna...what is going on so early?"  Carpe was inconvenienced at this point, and sharp in tone.

"Wha wah....wad'yousay???" Tuna darted back and forth and up and down and over and around.

"TUNA!" Carpe was sterner this time. "What are all of you doing so early??  I'm not done with my beauty rest!"  She lay on her side looking even sharper than her tone now.

"Wha wah....carp it's NOON!  And the sardines are here!  And we are eating...why are you just sitting in that pink anemone!?"  Tuna didn't really care about that last part.

"Humph! " Carpe sat up as the tuna chased the sardines on and on and away.

She lay back down on her other side. "I shall Carpe Diem...later."

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